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30 Paintings challenge is DONE!

Phew! This is the first time I've done the challenge that I've actually made 30 paintings. For me the trick was to paint smaller and plan ahead. Not all of these are what I would call winners but I did learn a lot with each piece I created so it was time well spent. All the paintings below are either mixed media or pastel. Some of them I created ahead of time so you may have seen them posted on facebook or instagram.

As I mentioned in my last post I have a new challenge that I have set up for myself. It is...Get to know the Artist!

Wait, don't go...I promise it will be quick little facts about me and I have either artwork of some sort or a photo to go along with each post. I am not doing this to be all about ME, but as a way for those that don't know me or are only acquainted with me to get to know the person behind the paintings a little bit more.

I will also be working on commissions and other pieces during this time. Below are a few past commissions I've done. If you are interested in having a pet portrait done for yourself or as a gift please contact me. I do take time off from commissions a few times a year so if you are thinking of having one done, now is the time!

Disclaimer: By nature I am a very private person so that is why giving out personal information is a "challenge" for me. I have to know someone really well to share some of this information and now I'm just putting it all out there. This is waaaay outside my comfort zone. So in light of that please be kind and gentle with your comments if you choose to post any. If you want to see each day's post every day follow me on either of the social media platforms below, or I will make a weekly post here on the blog that will sum up each days information. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoyed this past months theme.

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