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Starting out the New Year with a blog!

Okay, I'm a little late to say this is a New Year's resolution. Better late than never though right?

I'm going to start this blog in an effort to showcase my art but also to help you get to know me a little better, which hopefully will be a good thing!

I'm going to try to commit to one post per week, but if I can do a daily blog I will. Baby steps.

I'm struggling a little bit in creating a new piece every day but so far have managed pretty well.

I'm taking a different approach this month and using mixed media - liquid acrylics, interference acrylics, pastel ground, charcoal powder and pastels - on Arches watercolor paper, instead of my usual heavy body acrylics.

Below you will find a few cropped photos of a few pieces I've done this month. The theme I chose for this challenge was "Wildlife". I will be adding a collage of the final pieces once the challenge is over to this blog. I will also have several of the pieces available for sale in the store

Next month I will be starting a new challenge that I have assigned myself. It will be a bit scary on my part but hopefully you will enjoy it and find it amusing. I also hope that you will leave a comment each day I post and answer the questions I pose to you so I can learn about you as well.

Until I blog again, please check out my facebook and instagram accounts to see more of the paintings in this series. Have a great weekend!

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