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March Madness

HUNGRY EYES 9" x 12" Mixed Media on Canson Watercolor Paper

Ok, this madness has nothing to do with basketball. At least I think basketball is the sport that is associated with that? Can you tell how much I love sports? This is more the madness that has ensued the past week and a half. After completing the "Get to know the Artist" challenge in February and the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" challenge in January, I figured this month would be a little slower.

As far as creating art, it is definitely slower. I'm currently working on some more mixed media wildlife portraits when I get the chance. I have a water series up at a local bank, sent in a submission for an online art contest, mailed in my form for Art in the Park, and applied for the Keene Art Walk. So that's not too bad.

On a personal note, one of my children has an issue with her knee and also needs braces, so we had 6 appointments last week between her and myself. Only 4 more to go this month and that looks a bit more doable.

Some of the paintings that are hanging at the bank.

This week I started a "No Sugar, No White Carbs, No Processed Food, No Alcohol" challenge. As mentioned before I have a horrible sweet tooth and it was getting out of hand. So I decided taking a week off would be good for me and then I can hopefully moderate my intake better. It has not been easy. Did you know you can get withdrawals from sugar?! Sweet, wonderful sugar. I did buy some Cadbury Creme Eggs for when the challenge ends. One a day should be reasonable, right?

My Process: Charcoal Sketch, Acrylic Under Painting & Dry Ground Medium, Charcoal & Pastel Blocking & Final Pastel Fine Details


No Title at this Time - 9' x 12" Mixed Media on Canson Watercolor Paper

I had a giveaway this month too! The winner hasn't decided which painting she would like from the options I gave her yet, but when she does I'll be sure to post it on my facebook page!

I got some new art supplies this month! Woohoo! I have some pretty new PanPastels that I LOVE. I also received some note cards and a print sample I had made up from some of my artwork. These will be available at the Art in the Park in September.

My lovely set of PanPastels!

My youngest daughter's school is having a silent auction and I've been asked to donate again this year. There will be two original artworks up for auction. If you are local to me I'd love to see you there!

Another without a title at this point - 9" x 12" Mixed Media on Canson Watercolor Paper

I think that is it for anything noteworthy since the 1st of the month. I will try to be more timely and get at least one more post out before April comes. Yeah Spring is on it's way!

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