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I'm feeling very self-centered (7 more things about the artist)

Yup...this is definitely not in my comfort zone. I like to hide in the shadows, I'm a wall flower, I don't want to be noticed. So no surprise about this next tidbit about me.


Day 8 - What's an introvert? Someone who gets their energy from solitude vs an extrovert who gains energy in social situations. I will go out for dinner or to a party or other social event, but I would much rather be home and even if I have a fabulous time I am exhausted afterwards and just need to go home, be alone and zone out to recharge. Books, my iPad, art supplies and my pets are my refuge at this time.

I also hate being the center of attention. I never liked having a birthday party, bridal or baby shower and I almost didn't make it down the aisle. I started having a little panic attack when everyone stood up and turned to look at me. My dad had to talk me through it all the way down the aisle and you can see the terror in my face in our wedding video. Ah, memories.


Day 9 - I'm a lonely only, although I don't recall ever being lonely. I'm probably socially awkward because of being an only child that was home schooled from 5th grade to graduation. Yes I went to church and had friends, but I really didn't socialize with people unless they were in "my" group. Not much has changed there! I will however talk your ear off if you mention animals or one of the other interests I have. I am also a great listener, I can listen to you all day and also stay awake for most of it! Are you a social butterfly or a quiet caterpillar?


Day 10 - That is probably no surprise based on my artwork. I really do love almost all animals though.

They are beautiful and fascinating and I love nothing more than spending time with them. As I type my conure is climbing all over my arm making typing very difficult. I go to zoos, aquariums, parks, rescue centers, farms etc. whenever I get the opportunity. I go on at least one whale watch a year, and would go more often if I could. Humpbacks and horses have been my favorites since I was little, I've also kissed a lot of frogs but not in the hopes they would turn into princes. I would have been mad if that happened. I just thought the frogs were cute! The only animals I don't really care for are some insects...there is one that is my biggest phobia, more on that one at a later date. I could keep writing about animals...but I won't. :) What are your favorites?


Day 11 - Ok, this is more on animals, but these are MY babies and not just generic animals. LOL

Currently I have 15 chickens, 3 goats, a tortoise, a blue tongued skink, a leopard gecko, a red-tailed boa, 2 cornsnakes, a very naughty green-cheeked conure and 3 tanks of fish. In the past I've owned cats, dogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, multiple snakes species, an iguana, a bearded dragon, hedgehogs, short-tailed opossums, rats, hamsters, geckos, and I think that might be it...I think. Are you an animal lover? Have pets? Please tell me about them!


Day 12 - I'm keeping with the animal theme! I used to be a veterinary assistant, I also did some time as a receptionist, but that is REALLY not for me. I absolutely loved being a veterinary assistant and helping out the veterinarian and caring for all kinds of animals. Quick story about my first day at a vet's office as a potential hire. A duck came in covered in maggots. I know! GROSS! The veterinarian was having me restrain the duck and use a blow dryer to help move the feather so the vet could remove the maggots. He accidentally, at least I hope it was an accident, flicked a maggot in my hair. I didn't love it but I just kept on doing my job and that impressed him so much he gave me the job. I had no experience and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity. That was sadly not my last encounter with maggots, but at least they stayed out of my hair! Any interesting on the job story you want to share post it below!


Day 13 -While working at veterinary hospitals I also raised african pygmy hedgehogs. They are so cute and have such funny personalities and I happen to relate to them very well. I raised the little cuties and sold them as pets for 8 years. The helped supplement my income when I stopped working full time to have children. I unfortunately developed a pretty severe allergy to them and had to rehome most of my "herd". I had almost a hundred hedgehogs at this time so it took a while and it was a very sad time. I really do miss them and the tiny little babies. I very much missed raising animals and the genetic component of breeding so I tried snakes for a couple years since I knew they wouldn't cause an allergy. I had about 40 and did have a few babies, but my husband HATED snakes, my kids were fine with them, but we also really wanted a mini-farm. My husband told me I could have one or the other so off went the snakes, this was also sad but not as much as parting with my hedgehogs. Snakes are beautiful and amazing creatures and I couldn't part with all of them so I picked one and my daughters each did the same and we now have just the three.


Day 14 - So I have a few phobias, heights, clowns, deep water, I'm claustophobic but all of that pales in comparison to the one animal that I am terrified of...SPIDERS!! I HATE THEM. I can pick up a cricket, stink bug, ant, praying mantis. I've let bees and wasps walk on me. For some reason spiders just give me the creeps and I can't explain it other than it's partly the way they move. No animal has any business having that many legs! 6 is pushing it but 8 is not acceptable. The 8 eyes are super cool though and their webs are beautiful and amazing, but I still have to hate them. Sorry to any arachnid lovers out there, I wish I could get over it, but I can't. I even pet a tarantula once to see if that helped, it didn't. So for my challenge I have decided to draw a spider which means I have to look at a picture of a spider, multiple times...EWWWWW! So I'm going to wimp out a bit and pick the cutest spider I can find. What's your phobia??

I'm halfway through the "Meet the Artist" challenge! I have been creating but have not had a chance to update the website with new pieces yet. I hope to get to that before the month is up. Hopefully you are enjoying reading the blog so far and next month will not be "all about me".

Here are three of the pieces I've created the past two weeks. I've been sticking to a waterscape theme, hope you like them!

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