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No space for artwork? Think again!

"Goofball" 9" x 12"mixed media on Canson paper

I've had many people admire a piece of art and then proceed to tell me that they have no space to hang it and walk away. Maybe that's just a polite way of ending the conversation or maybe they haven't thought of the many places in your home that you can hang artwork other than your main rooms of the house.

Of course we have bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, kids rooms, play rooms, guest rooms and stairways, but what about the bathroom?! Think hanging a piece or two of artwork in the bathroom might seem a bit odd? Think again, when you go out to a fancy restaurant and have had to use the restroom there is almost always beautiful original artwork (usually by a local artist) hanging.

"Breach for the Sky" Acrylic on Canvas

In our lifetime we spend on average (180+) days, that's right, DAYS in the bathroom. Getting dressed, showering, grooming and other business all takes time and why not have a beautiful, inspirational or amusing piece of artwork to brighten your morning before starting your day?

This is one of the first paintings I ever did and a collage of photos from our whale watching trips.

I'll use our downstairs bathroom as an example. It's painted a light blue with light gray fixtures and gray tile. Our living room is ocean themed and I wanted to continue that into the bathroom but make it unique. So we went with whales. I LOVE whales, they are so beautiful and amazing. I've filled the bathroom with them! The best part is nothing is permanent and I can always swap out the art if I tire of it or if we ever move the new buyers are stuck with a whale themed bathroom!

Another one of my earliest paintings

A few store bought decorations and everything is tied together with a specific theme and it comes together quite nicely...if I do say so myself!

If you decide to hang artwork in your bathroom, kitchen or other high humidity area ask your artist to use a gloss varnish or waterproof varnish on your piece so it doesn't get ruined and can be easily wiped clean should something splash up on it.

Start thinking about spaces in your home or office that would benefit from some sprucing up and why not add acquiring an original piece of art to your Spring cleaning checklist?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

I haven't had a bunch of time to create but I have a few in progress pieces and I did manage to complete a few here. Hope you like them!

"Solitary" 9" x 12" Mixed Media "Off We Go" 12" x 12" Acrylic "Red & Blue" 8" x 8" Mixed Media

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